Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happpy Birthday, Jon!

Today is Jon's birthday,
Shout Hip Hip Hooray!
We've got us a good one,
A great guy, we say.
He grows up way too fast,
He is NINE! *gasp*
With great love of music,
The piano he plays.
We think he'll be a great master
Of music someday.
We love him so dearly-
From here to Timbucktoo,
So shout it from rooftops...


Friday, August 22, 2008

Super Hero Fans? Anyone?

Jon is into comic books now. *ahem* Mom's influence. Anyway, I sent Jake in to turn off Jon's lights and make sure he was indeed asleep. (he seldom ever is) Well, this is what Jake found. Jon cracks us up. Also, Jon has started piano. He is so excited. He loves music and he has a great teacher. Life is fun!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hanging Rock Camping Trip

We had a great time with our good friends the Garff family at Hanging Rock State Park, NC. Needless to say, I was terrified of the million foot drop cliff with 4 kids and a dog. whew... Jon had so much fun with Brandon, Sydney, Ruby and Ace! Thanks for a great time Garff family!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Meg's surprise 30th birthday party!

Angie, Meg, Melanie, Suzanne at dinner.

Meg got heart attacked by Jon and his cousins...

I asked Meg what her favorite ice cream was and she said, "I don't like ice cream."
So, of course, she got an ice cream cake!

"Holy crap! This is Blue Bell Ice Cream? Why didn't you say so? I love Ice Cream!"

You can only get it at Outback Steakhouse around here...
I can't imagine it was good. I drove it home from Outback for 45 minutes in rush hour traffic in 97 degree heat! Then, I refroze it. Yum!


1) Her unbelievable good looks!
2) Her wonderful singing voice, especially this one song on Rock Band where she sounds so hot!
3) That she either still thinks I am funny, or at least, she makes me think that she still thinks I am funny.
4) Her great hair (in all it's wonderful colors).
5) Her breath-taking blue eyes.
6) Her love for Jon.
7) Her love for everyone, specifically the people that are the hardest to love.
8) That she hates LOST, but won't miss an episode, just to watch it with me.
9) I love that she makes me buy stuff for myself, and keeps me from living in the 90's still.
10) Her ability to forgive.
11) Her love for nature, trees, clouds, sunsets (I guess one of us should appreciate that crap).
12) I love that she gets me (even if she is the only one).
13) Her great big family that comes with her. They are all great. Well, except for Kendall (what a weirdo)
14) All 187 pairs of her shoes.
15) All 96 of her bags.
16 ) I love that she knows who she is and who she wants to be.
17) I love her as a mother.
18) I love that she doesn't care if I watch SportsCenter EVERY DAY!
19) She is a GREAT cook (well, I'm sure she knows a great cook)!
20) I love that she doesn't call me Jacob; I think he is dumb and immature (she calls me the other one).
21) That she let's me build stuff, even though she knows that I will never complete it (ask her about the RC race track; someday, it will be my greatest accomplishment).
22) How great she looks in a pair of jeans... just a pair of jeans.
23)Her love for animals. She won't even let me kill a spider that has been hunting her for 3 weeks (I smushed it last week, don't tell her).
24) That she is a nomad, just like me...
25) Her devotion to her church responsibilities.
26) That she likes to be a girly girl sometimes (what does that even mean, really).
27) Her outstanding smile! She is always cheerful and upbeat and keeps things positive!
28) She loves being surprised! Or, she knows that I like surprising her and she actually hates being surprised, but not as much as she knows that I love surprising her so she let's me do it time and time again. Oh crap, what if she hates surprises and she is just letting me think that she loves them. Great, now I don't know what to do..... Meg, tell me the truth!
29) I love that she is a "fun" mom!

30) I love that she chose me!

Happy Birthday Meg!
May the next 30 years be as kind to you as the first. In other words, don't get old, gray, and hairy in places you shouldn't have hair. That would be just, well... OLD.

I love you!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Is your sister as clever as mine?

My sister Anissa is AMAZING!! She gave me the coolest present for my 30th birthday. Check out her blog to see what she did...


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Alternate Ending to Joey Murder Mystery --- 100% by JON!

So, I come home from work on Friday and Jon meets me at the door and says, "Dad, I just made a home movie!"
I assumed that he found the camera and filmed something. Boy, was I wrong!
I was not even aware that he knew where to find our movie making software, much less how to use it! Meg certainly does not.
He said he was searching around the computer, found it, and started playing around with it. This is pretty amazing, if you ask me.
The only thing that I helped him with was spelling...
You will have to watch the first 3 Joey murder mystery movies, here on our blog to understand it, but, here you go!

Jon's first movie:

We had a BLAST in AZ for the 4th! Jon had fun with his cousins! It was GREAT to see Jaime, too!

Europe '05


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