Thursday, October 30, 2008

The First Frost

Today, October 30th, we received our first frozen morning. Even though the pictures don't show it, we thought, for a moment, that it was snow!
Jon was very excited, as you can see by the following pictures...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Party No. 2 and 3

Friday, we had our annual "Trunk or Treat" at the church. Jon was Lego Mr. Freeze (from Batman).
Lego Mr. Freeze!

Meg and Angie Turner (Jayson Stark's Assistant)
A thirsty Cullen, indeed...

Later, we went to our friend's, the Colliers for an adult Halloween party where we found multiple Sarah Palins, Wolverine, Frankenstein, and several rednecks...

Thanks to Lori and Dave for putting on a great party! We are so sorry to hear about your friend, Myra. I am glad that someone found her remains... At least, now you have closure.

A Dart, Adrian (Rocky), and Troll DollBrothers?

Who does your hair?
Meet Joe Dirt meets Splash
Sarah doing what she does best, wears appropriate pins on her lapel. Great Costume, Kimmy!
A "not" thirsty Edward (click on photo to enlarge) and his Trollphy Wife!
Troll or Fish, you decide. And yes...that is her real hair.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


So Meg was playing a song she learned from her childhood and Jon heard it and said, "ooo, oo, I want to learn that!" So, he stood up and watched Meg play for about 6 seconds, kicked her off the bench and never looked back...
Here it is...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Think I'm Turning Japanese, I really Think So!!!!

The Breischaft's
The Chapman's
On Saturday, we went to the Japanese Restaurant, Kanki, with several friends and their families. We had a great time! Yes, this is the kind where the chef cooks in front of you. I wish I could say that our camera broke and we could not take any more pictures and that's why we don't have an pics of the onion volcano, brain on drugs, and fancy shrimp flipping.... But, I can't, the food and entertainment was so good, we just forgot to take pictures of him in action...
Here are the kids out front of the restaurant.

Two of the three beautiful people in our family. Wait, I mean, this is ALL of the beautiful people in our family... Our fish is also beautiful and part of our family, he is just considered "people."
I had a terrible time.

1 Potato, 2 potato, 3 potato......
Kids are so lucky that my wife exists....
This was after ice cream at Goodberry's!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


As none of you know, but will after reading this, my family is WAY into music. Our very most favorite band indisputably is MUSE! Well, I was thinking to myself one night as I was listening to what can only make other music jealous, I thought, I wonder if everyone knows about them. Hailing from England, MUSE is set to take over the Rock Universe. In the beginning they were said to be a Radiohead look-alike. Tsk tsk. I am a fan of Radiohead, don’t get me wrong, but seriously, MUSE is so superior there can be no comparison. You may have noticed this most awesome band all over my blog? You may even wonder about my musical interests? I have heard, “How can sweet little Meg be interested in this kind of music?” Well, I have been a fan of rock for as long as I can remember. My favorite song at age 9 was “Pour some sugar on me”. What? Inappropriate? Absolutely! But, hey, where else am I going to find complicated melodies and songs about tortured love. I find that WAY more interesting than singing about some girl you met in a club. M’kay. It seems as if Matt Bellamy (lead singer, song writer, guitarist, piano genius extraordinaire) has an extra set of hands while laying those melodies out on the piano. I mean, c’mon! This is out of this world. Interestingly enough, I think he is singing about some sort of apocalyptic end near Mars. Weird, yea. Brilliant, absolutley. I get the most pleasure out of it when he plays the organ with reckless abandon. The ORGAN! My personal favorite is “Time is running out”. However, if you are more of take it slow kind of a person, check out “Falling away with you” or “Endlessly”. Either way, you are in for a treat. Don’t believe me? Check out this killer review online. Careful of the swear word. You have been warned. Still reading? You must really love me Nessa. Well, I love Stephanie Meyer for the introduction to this uber superior band as well as Twilight of course. I am forever grateful. So, check out the album Absolution (well, any album really) by MUSE and you will not be disappointed. Much love-MEG

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thank you!

This was left on our front porch secretively for Jake's birthday and we have no idea Quinton who did it Quinton. It is nice to know Jake has such great friends Quinton. If only we Quinton knew who Quinton did it. We could Quinton thank him or her Quinton properly. Jake especially loved the Ben-gay! He is getting up there in age and it is nice to have friends Quinton to remind you of that. THANK YOU anonymous Quinton Chapman gift giver!

We had a BLAST in AZ for the 4th! Jon had fun with his cousins! It was GREAT to see Jaime, too!

Europe '05


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